embracing the benefits of many perspectives.

Taft believes in teamwork and individual respect. This core value is reflected in the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We understand that an open and inclusive work environment enhances our ability to effectively understand, appreciate and meet the interests and needs of our clients. Moreover, we believe that a diverse culture benefits Taft professionals by fostering teamwork and opportunities for professional growth, personal satisfaction and meaningful community involvement.

Our primary mission remains unchanged — to serve our clients at the highest standard of professional excellence by developing innovative, value-creating solutions that help them reach their goals.

Taft knows that people with diverse experiences bring creative thinking, multiple perspectives and innovative problem-solving techniques to issues in the practice of law. We are committed to fostering a culture among our attorneys and professional support staff that values differences, such as race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, age, physical ability and socioeconomic background.

The following examples highlight Taft’s efforts to foster diversity and inclusion in the firm:

  • Recruitment. Beginning in 2017, Taft will offer an academic diversity and inclusion fellowship program for qualifying 1L and 2L law students. For several years, Taft has actively recruited individuals from diverse backgrounds by working with student organizations and attending job fairs, conferences and workshops. Beginning in 2017, these efforts will be enhanced by offering scholarship funds to as many as six qualified candidates.
  • Mentoring. Successful mentoring requires commitment and trust by both the mentee and the mentor. Taft has developed a diversity and inclusion mentoring program career development tool, where an identified group of diverse associates are matched with a partner “champion” mentor. They work together to develop each mentee’s roadmap for long-term success with the firm.
  • Retention. Taft’s long-term success relies on retaining attorneys and staff members. We nurture well-rounded professionals from a variety of backgrounds through mentoring, training and professional development programs. Beyond retention, we provide attorneys and staff members with opportunities to enhance skill sets and grow as professionals.
  • Work-life balance. Taft recognizes that a healthy balance between work life and private life is essential to lasting success, for both the individual and the firm. Taft offers alternative work-scheduling programs, remote access, flexible hours and countless opportunities for meaningful community involvement both within and outside of Taft.
  • Promotion and leadership. Diverse professionals are involved in many aspects of firm leadership, as practice group chairs, committee participants and senior management team members. They actively participate in recruiting and mentoring efforts across the firm.

These examples provide a snapshot of our commitment to our diversity and inclusion mission. We constantly strive to find new and better ways to incorporate diversity and inclusion as a meaningful part of the way we do business.

Thomas Terp
Chairman of the Executive Committee
and Managing Partner

Adrian Thompson
Partner and Chief Diversity Officer