Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing and industrial companies across many sectors constantly face challenges in pursuit of their growth targets and business goals. Global constraints on exports, complex supply and purchase agreements, union relations and infringement on products and processes are only a few of the factors at play.

Taft’s industrial manufacturing attorneys are experienced working in the industry. We have successfully assisted clients on IP-related topics, employee and workforce development, and economic incentive opportunities, as well as federal and state contracts.

We advise clients on day-to-day operational issues, as well as sophisticated transactions that are critical to their success. Taft’s attorneys have experience on matters related to:

  • Corporate and intellectual property matters for a large automatic transmissions manufacturer.
  • Litigation and environmental counseling for a premier tire manufacturer.
  • Intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, corporate law and environmental law for a Fortune 500 engine design and manufacturing company.
  • NHTSA, regulatory compliance, general business, litigation, trademark law and environmental law services for a manufacturer of recreational vehicles.
  • Corporate law, state licensing, dealer sales and service agreements, vehicle sales contracts and trademark registration services for an electric van manufacturer.
  • Intellectual property law for a Fortune 500 agricultural, construction and forestry manufacturing company.

We frequently utilize attorneys from across the firm who are experienced in intellectual property, bankruptcy, environmental, labor and employment, mergers and acquisitions, product liability litigation, real estate and workers’ compensation. Our clients trust us to provide seamless representation with each challenge facing their business.

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