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Taft provides electronic discovery (eDiscovery) and case management services, comprehensive information and records management, and litigation readiness support tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Our team members have earned Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) credentials, as well as Relativity review platform certifications. We are a diverse team of experts in eDiscovery with training and experience guiding case teams through the entire lifecycle of discovery from case initiation to trial with a defensible process aligned with industry best practices.


Taft advises clients and case teams on eDiscovery best practices and helps implement those practices throughout the lifespan of a case. Following best practices is vital for case efficiency, cost-effectiveness, defensibility, and supporting loss prevention efforts. 

Preserve and Collect

Taft counsels clients on data preservation obligations and strategies and provides the necessary support to meet those obligations via litigation hold notices and client scoping interviews. We then work with clients, vendors, and case teams to develop and implement a defensible and thorough data collection plan by identifying the custodians and locations of relevant information and then advising clients on the most efficient and cost-effective ways to collect the data while minimizing disruption to employees and daily operations.


Taft hosts Relativity, a powerful and advanced eDiscovery platform in-house, providing a cost-effective, specialized alternative to vendors. Relativity is the industry-leading eDiscovery software used to streamline the review process, helping attorneys get to the most important documents quickly. Our process is secure, defensible, and repeatable, as required by courts. We use technology that can drive earlier settlement discussions and more efficient fact development.

Review and Produce

Taft uses Relativity to conduct document reviews. Our attorneys develop review and QC plans and make decisions about the responsiveness of documents using custom workflows. We use advanced analytics and active learning technology to prioritize, isolate, and analyze the most critical documents to help clients realize significant cost savings. After our attorney teams have identified responsive documents, and segregated and logged privileged information, Taft’s litigation support analysts prepare the production of documents in a format that complies with the discovery agreements.


Taft’s attorneys analyze data throughout the discovery process and helps develop key narratives that support and drive the theory of the case. 

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