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Taft Discovery puts advanced technology to work for litigation clients to ease the difficult demands of electronic discovery. Our experienced team of attorneys and eDiscovery professionals strengthen our defensibility while focusing on the legal and technical aspects of eDiscovery.

Taft Discovery steers the logistics of eDiscovery from start to finish, establishing a transparent and trustworthy process and implementing standardized approaches to eDiscovery that are consistent, repeatable, and defensible. We utilize cutting-edge tools to help clients realize the benefits and manage the burdens of digital information.


Early Case Assessment

A key to effective litigation project management is obtaining as much information, as early as possible, for the decision-makers. Taft Discovery successfully utilizes many tools for early case evaluation that provide valuable budgeting and forecasting data. Using RelativityOne (RelOne) technology, we investigate and mine electronic data to leverage our experience in gathering data and creating defensible search protocols.

Sophisticated Data Hosting

Benefits of RelOne, the industry-leading eDiscovery software, include:

  • Security: RelOne is hosted on Microsoft Azure, one of the most secure cloud environments available. This platform allows for an “always on, always available” infrastructure.
  • Scalability, Speed, and Flexibility: RelOne is powered by a virtually unlimited amount of horsepower, resulting in scaled-up processing speed to review even the largest of data sets.

Cost-Efficient Review Strategy

Review costs can quickly escalate without proper tools and a well-planned review strategy. Using RelOne allows for cost-savings as Taft buys hosting space in bulk – clients pay less than if they went directly to an eDiscovery vendor.

Innovative Collection, Review, and Preservation Methods

Taft Discovery counsels clients on data preservation obligations and strategies and provides the necessary support to meet those obligations via litigation hold notices and client scoping interviews. We then work with clients, vendors, and case teams to develop and implement a defensible and thorough data collection plan, which identifies the custodians and locations of relevant information. We advise clients on efficient and cost-effective ways to collect the data while minimizing disruption to employees and daily operations.

Delivering Service Excellence

One of Taft’s highest priorities is leveraging technology to respond successfully to client needs. Our approach to eDiscovery positions us to provide our litigation clients with unique value and best-in-class service.

Taft Discovery includes Regina Brooks Smith, senior eDiscovery Counsel; Elizabeth Conaway, director of eDiscovery Services; seven analysts; and two project managers, located across the firm. Analysts are proficient in RelOne. Project managers are well-versed in eDiscovery best practices, and frequently consult with case teams. They also have extensive experience formulating and executive complex workflows for unique matters.

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