Keeping pace with rapidly evolving technology, Taft provides electronic discovery (“e-Discovery”) services, comprehensive information and records management, and litigation readiness support tailored to meet our clients’ needs. Taft’s solid foundation of experience and knowledge, combined with our proven process of identifying, preserving and processing critical client data, allows us to approach any potential challenges with a defensible process aligned with industry best practices.

Taft’s litigation attorneys and e-discovery practitioners utilize the industry’s leading and most customizable e-Discovery review platform, Relativity. Supported by a dedicated team of skilled analysts, Taft delivers an in-depth and secure review process that streamlines workflow, creates cost efficiencies, meets deadlines and, most importantly, achieves desired results. We have the requisite skills to address the critical concerns involved in the e-Discovery process: security, accuracy, cost and speed.


Security is of the utmost concern as it relates to our clients’ electronic data. We use applications that deliver on our promise to keep client information secure. We are able to control the sharing and dissemination of documents by giving clients, related experts and other parties involved in the litigation access to the documents they need through a secure and controlled method. Gaining access to the files is immediate and more secure than ever before.


Accurate results are the primary focus as client data moves through each stage in the e-discovery process. Taft has employed the use of powerful technologies, such as analytics, email threading and clustering, providing attorneys with a more comprehensive and complete picture of a series of events with efficiency and accuracy.

Cost and Speed

The same technologies that cultivate accuracy are used to support efficiency. We are able to more quickly categorize and identify documents in a case while minimizing costs to our clients. The result is a more manageable set of selected documents, identified more quickly, effectively reducing costs throughout the duration of our representation.

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