Taft Announces Inaugural Pro Bono Award Winners

On April 12, outstanding achievement in pro bono work was recognized in the inaugural Taft Pro Bono Awards presentation. Below is the list of recipients who were honored for their service to their communities:

Taft Pro Bono Team Award
Drew Baese | Blair Harrington | Claire Joseph | Alex Wolf (2019-2020 Pro Bono Law Clerk)

Taft Pro Bono Partner Award
Susan Wheatley

Taft Pro Bono Associate Award
Nicollette Khuans

Taft High-Impact Pro Bono Award
Russell Menyhart

Each year, the Taft team devotes thousands of hours to pro bono work across its 12 offices. This dedication to the public interest is inherent in Taft’s culture and is approached with the same client-first mindset and service that is provided in every Taft matter. The Taft Pro Bono Awards were initiated to acknowledge attorneys who best exemplify the firm’s commitment to giving back to its communities.

“Congratulations to our inaugural winners. They are truly making a difference and deserve to be recognized for their part in enabling access to justice within their communities,” said Andy Carlson, Taft partner and Pro Bono Committee chair.

Winners were carefully selected by Taft’s Pro Bono Committee, considering each nominee’s overall pro bono achievements, the time, talent, and energy invested into the cases handled, and the positive impact of his or her work on their communities. Each award recipient or group of recipients was given the opportunity to direct a donation of $500 by Taft to a charitable organization of their choice.

As an integral part of the firm’s community values, Taft attorneys are committed to providing legal services to low-income individuals, nonprofit and community organizations, and public interest causes. In 2021, Taft will continue to cultivate its pro bono commitments through the Pro Bono Committee’s efforts and the tremendous work done by attorneys and staff in each of Taft’s markets.

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