The Internet and Social Media

Social media websites and technologies have opened new doors for business to business and business to consumer interaction.  With those opportunities come challenges, and sophisticated legal advice for compliance with the laws and regulations surrounding social media has become a necessity.

Taft’s attorneys are experienced working with both businesses and individuals in the social media industry.  Our team brings an inter-departmental approach, collaborating with colleagues from Taft’s Venture Capital, Intellectual Property and regulatory compliance teams.

Our experienced attorneys can provide assistance in the following areas relevant to any company involved with social media, either as a creator or affected party:

  • Privacy, security and data collection regulations.
  • E-Commerce and payment systems.
  • Digital advertising, including keyword advertising and search engine optimization.
  • Regulatory compliance with user-generated content.
  • Online reputation management and protection.
  • Domain name acquisition and protection, including UDRP, ACPA and other domain name proceedings.
  • Website terms and conditions.
  • Internet fraud, including hacking and online theft.
  • Patent protection, or defense against patent trolls.

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