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The media and entertainment industry is fast-paced, making it vital for businesses to keep up with trends and a myriad of ever-changing legal issues. As entertainment companies collaborate across multiple market segments, they seek legal services that understand the implications and applicability of regulations and legal issues.

Taft’s attorneys have a diverse skill set that matches the variety of legal issues media and entertainment clients face. Working closely with our colleagues in the Venture Capital practice, Taft’s Intellectual Property team is experienced in protecting and licensing intellectual property assets, complying with advertising regulations as well as protecting and overcoming first amendment rights.

Tested experience handling clients’ legal and business issues allows us to help them spot opportunities, identify issues before they arise, and manage risk which frees them up to focus on their creative work.

Taft’s attorneys also assist clients with a range of troubleshooting, risk management, litigation, and arbitration services.  In a challenging industry, with a range of personalities, Taft’s attorneys can be counted on to prosecute and defend clients in any dispute should it arise.

Taft’s attorneys have advised clients on topics related to:

  • Negotiating sponsorship agreements.
  • Securing domain names.
  • Analyzing false advertising issues.
  • Establishing agreements related to technology outsourcing and protecting intellectual property.
  • Launch mobile and web applications and draft related terms of use, privacy policies, and terms of service. Crisis management counsel.
  • Representation of celebrities and celebrity estates.
  • Music representation.
  • Literary representation.
  • Rights clearing.
  • Streaming and downloading of music on the Internet.
  • Trademark counseling, registration practice and dispute resolution.
  • Print, online, radio and television syndication agreements.
  • Sale and purchase of artwork and other matters related to visual art.
  • Contract negotiation and enforcement.
  • Defamation, libel, and slander disputes.

We have long-term relationships with many clients, which enables us to be a valuable source of institutional knowledge for their businesses.

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