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Condominium development has a unique set of governing laws and legal documentation. Taft provides all services necessary for the development of condominium projects, from the early planning stages through sales and post turn-over issues.

We assist developers with:

  • site evaluation.
  • obtaining entitlements.
  • ownership structuring.
  • preparation of all required development documentation.

Attorneys in the practice work on development agreements, construction coordination and any and all state, federal and local filings required for the development of condominium projects. Additionally, we work on reciprocal easement agreements, condominium declarations and master declarations.

We also work on homeowners’ association documents and financing documentation, and we handle the sale and closing of individual units. In addition, we lend insight on land use, zoning and development issues, as well as all types of public sector financing.

If the need arises, we handle litigation and dispute resolution as efficiently as possible to protect the interests of the developer.

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