Lean Construction & Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Lean Construction & Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Taft brings lean construction practices to clients that are designed to maximize value and minimize waste throughout the construction process. We also incorporate integrated project delivery (IPD), a process uniquely suited to put lean construction principles into practice.

Many issues in contemporary construction (such as schedule delays and budget overages, as well as adverse relations among the owner, general contractor, and architect) can be relieved by incorporating lean construction principles. Taft’s integrated project delivery method is designed to solve key construction problems. Rather than each participant focusing exclusively on their part of construction without considering the implications on the whole process, our IPD method brings all participants together early with collaborative incentives to maximize value for the owner.

This collaborative approach allows informed decision making early in the project where the most value can be created. The close collaboration eliminates a great deal of waste in the design phase and allows data sharing directly between the design and construction team, thereby eliminating a large barrier to construction productivity.

IPD Methodology

Integrated project delivery is a delivery system that seeks to align interests, objectives, and practices through a team-based approach where all disciplines in a construction project work as one entity, creating faster delivery times and lower costs.

IPD combines ideas from lean construction to solve several problems in contemporary construction, including:

  • Time overruns.
  • Low productivity and waste.
  • Quality issues.
  • Stakeholder conflicts.

Unlike the design-build project delivery method that places the contractor in the leading role on a building project, IPD represents a return to the “master builder” concept where the entire building team including the owner, architect, general contractor, legal counsel, building engineers, fabricators, and subcontractors work collaboratively throughout the construction process.

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Notable Matters

Taft represents a US-based international car manufacturer in its IPD projects, including an electric car battery plant with a total investment of $2.3 billion.

Taft represented an international developer in a $150,000,000 IPD project for the renovation of an office campus in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Taft represents a hospital and medical center in a three-phase IPD project involving the construction of a new hospital tower and a new garage, along with extensive renovation of the existing hospital space. This project has a total budget of $335,000,000, and will run until 2022.

Taft represented a major medical center in Omaha, Neb., on a $350 million construction renovation project using IPD.

Attorneys consulted with an owner for a $45 million high-energy efficiency apartment development in Kansas City using IPD.

Taft advised an international construction manager on a $160,000,000 office project in California using IPD.

Attorneys represented the owner and facilitating the implementation of integrated project delivery for a $35,000,000 senior living facility.

Taft represented and coached the design team and negotiated contracts for the implementation of IPD for a $100,000,000 facility for a major Greater Cincinnati medical center.

Attorneys negotiated contracts with a construction manager for a $50,000,000 expansion by a Greater Cincinnati medical center.

Taft facilitated the agreement master construction management agreement between a Greater Cincinnati medical center and a large construction company for continuing services on core hospital projects.

Attorneys created standard form construction contact libraries with extensive customized revisions of numerous project delivery systems for two major medical centers in Greater Cincinnati, a major regional design-builder, and the Kentucky branch of a significant religious organization.

Taft developed contracts for a $48,000,000 residential village at a major state university in Ohio for a design-builder, including a joint venture with a residential builder.

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