Two Taft Minneapolis Teams Selected for Minnesota Lawyer's Attorneys of the Year

The firm is pleased to announce that two teams of Minneapolis attorneys have been recognized by Minnesota Lawyer as 2022 Attorneys of the Year. The teams recognized are comprised of Michael Boulette, Seungwon Chung, and Abby Sunberg, and Jack Perry, Maren Forde, and Andrew Dosdall.

Boulette, Chung, and Sunberg obtained a Minnesota Supreme Court victory protecting disadvantaged spouses by ensuring district court supervision over the division of all their assets.

Perry, Forde, and Dosdall successfully re-established Minnesota as the only state other than Kansas to authorize “farmers” to sue an out-of-state “parent company for the unmet contractual obligations of its subsidiary under certain agricultural contracts.” The Eighth Circuit also established Minnesota as the first state in the country to have this game-changing farmer protection judicially recognized.

Attorneys are selected for this honor based on their work in procuring a successful result in an important case or business transaction, leadership in professional associations, participating in newsworthy events in the legal community, performing significant public services, or excellence in providing in-house legal services. The award illustrates lawyers’ jobs in addressing society’s most volatile challenges and the remarkable work done across the legal community.

The two teams will be profiled in Attorneys of the Year magazine and honored during an award ceremony at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Feb. 2023.

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