Aderman and Hager to Present Strafford Webinar on "Members as Employees of LLCs"

Taft partners Richard Aderman and Benjamin Hager will present at the Strafford-hosted webinar titled “Members as Employees of LLCs: Using Tiered LLCs, Separate S Corporations, and Leasing Companies to Pay Owners.” The webinar is on Sept. 22 from 1-2:50 p.m. EDT. 

The course will discuss specific scenarios where LLC owners can be treated as employees for tax purposes. Aderman and Hager will discuss structuring alternatives that permit members of an LLC to qualify for employee treatment, including the use of employee leasing arrangements, tiered LLC structures, and admission of separate S corporations. For more information, or to register, click here

Aderman focuses his attention on analyzing the tax consequences of complex business transactions, including corporate mergers and acquisitions, partnership transactions, trusts, and public and private debt and equity offerings. He has special expertise in the tax aspects of LLCs, partnerships, REITs, private investment funds, employee benefits, and executive compensation. 

Hager focuses his practice on corporate and income tax matters. He advises clients in matters relating to business entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, operational tax issues, reorganizations, tax-efficient restructurings, and business and tax-efficient exit strategies. 

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