Case Studies

Real stories of challenges, teamwork, results, and impact.

Taft is a Global Leader in PFAS Forever Chemicals Litigation and Advisory Work

Taft attorneys have been at the forefront of issues relating to PFAS for more than two decades. Throughout that time, Taft has led efforts to raise awareness within the legal community, scientific community, regulators, policymakers, and the public of the serious threat posed to human health and the environment from exposure to this class of potentially thousands of completely man-made chemicals.

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Taft IP Litigators Protect a Charity

The Philando Castile Relief Foundation provides charitable fundraising services to help victims who have been affected by gun violence and difficult police relations in honor of Philando’s legacy. When a professor at a local university was suspected of misappropriating fundraising money for the Foundation, Taft attorneys conducted an investigation and gathered key information and evidence on the foundation’s behalf.

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Building the Future of the Restaurant Industry

Innovations like advanced data collection and self-service technology give start-up Tapville the capacity to optimize the restaurant customer experience, while drastically cutting costs. The Taft team set Tapville on the path for a successful crowdfunding campaign and future growth.

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