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Date: 08/31/2007

Tom Schuck's Loyalty Benefits Others

Tom Schuck's continuing and generous support of DePauw University is profiled in the August 2007 edition of @ DePauw, the university's online newsletter. Mr. Shuck, a member of DePauw's Loyalty Society,  lists many inspiring reasons for giving back to his alma mater:

"I have seen a number of models, and the people who teach at DePauw make tremendous sacrifices, both professional and financial, because they believe in that model,” he says. “It is a tremendous benefit for a young person early in his or her life and career to have access to the DePauw faculty."

“I was fortunate enough to receive a Rector Scholarship. It was the reason I could attend DePauw. Without it, I would have gone to a large state university.”

“If this is what you believe in, I think you have to support it,” he says. “I think I have an obligation to give. And I am happy to be able to do so.”

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