Taft Expands AI, Emerging Technology Services to Clients

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology, Taft is proud to offer its clients new comprehensive legal solutions and resources to navigate today’s opportunities and challenges.

In April, the firm launched a Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) practice group to provide strategic advisory services to help clients leverage emerging technologies while ensuring compliance with legal, regulatory, and ethical standards.

The multidisciplinary practice group comprises attorneys with diverse expertise, including intellectual property, employment law, fintech, privacy and data security, technology transactions, and regulatory compliance. This cross-functional approach allows Taft to offer holistic solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

“At Taft, we recognize the transformative impact that AI and advancing technologies have on businesses and everyday life,” says Jeremy Bisdorf, Taft’s Technology and Artificial Intelligence Practice Group Chair. “Through this practice group, we’re providing our clients with the guidance and support needed for the legal complexities surrounding AI.”

Taft leverages its internal Innovation team and Innovation Tools & Technology Committee to assess emerging technology uses and has recently committed to several strategic partnerships to promote the safe and ethical use of AI and new technologies.

In October, the firm announced its partnership with Skillburst Interactive to develop a comprehensive training series covering generative AI in the practice of law, and offers foundational trainings firm-wide. Taft also partnered with Naya Software across several of its practice groups to make document drafting and transactional matter management more effective and efficient. Most recently, in partnership with prominent legal research organization Westlaw, Taft initiated a strategic rollout of West’s new generative AI features for legal research.

“Taft is continually searching for and adopting ways to improve our client services,” said Lyndsay Capeder, Taft’s Chief Client and Innovation Officer. “As we’re embracing the tide of new technologies, Taft’s partnerships with Skillburst and Naya are just the beginning.”

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