Probate Law Journal Of Ohio Publishes Meister Article, “Is Your Dispute A Candidate For Mediation?”

Julia B. Meister’s article, “Is Your Dispute A Candidate For Mediation?” is published in the May/June 2021 issue of the Probate Law Journal Of Ohio. In the article, Meister explains how mediation is a widely used and effective dispute resolution tool particularly suited to disputes involving probate, guardianship, trust, and other personal and inheritance matters.

The article provides an overview of mediation concepts specific to probate practitioners, including:

  • What is Mediation?

  • Choosing the Mediator

  • Court-sponsored Mediation

  • Unique Suitability of Mediation for Probate and Related Disputes

  • Elder Mediation

  • “Mandatory” Mediation

Meister, leader of Taft’s Wealth Transfer Litigation practice, concludes the article reporting that Ohio practitioners should be familiar with mediation as a cost-effective and sometimes relationship-sparing dispute resolution mechanism for their clients. Mediation is supported in the Ohio legal system, and with careful preparation and execution, the process of mediation can often solve many types of disputes encountered by practitioners counseling their clients.

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