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Date: 04/21/2016

Menyhart Featured as Guest Author on Bohlsen Group Blog

Taft attorney Russell C. Menyhart was featured as a guest author on the Bohlsen Group's blog on April 19. Menyhart's article is titled "Tools for the Social Entrepreneur: What the Heck is a B Corp and a Benefit Corporation?"

Menyhart, a member of Taft's Business & Finance and Litigation groups, helped garner support for passage of Indiana’s new benefit corporation legislation in a pro bono capacity. He is actively involved in promoting the growth of purpose-driven companies, social enterprises and impact investing in Indiana. He advises social entrepreneurs on how legal structures, including benefit corporations, can express and promote their values. This includes identifying the appropriate legal form for such entities, advising on expansion and financing, and assisting with B Corp certification and other third-party certifications and reports that can confirm and strengthen a social enterprise’s corporate identity and mission.

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