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Date: 08/03/2023

McSpadden Selected for Hoosier Women Forward's Sixth Class of Leaders

Taft attorney Nadine McSpadden was selected for the Hoosier Women Forward’s Sixth Class of Leaders. The organization recognizes outstanding Democratic women for their leadership training program that’s aimed at elevating and empowering women in public, private, and community service roles across the state. Over one hundred alumnae have completed the Hoosier Women Forward (HWF) program since its 2018 launch. Over the history of the program, 80% of HWF alumnae who have run for office in the primary and general election have won their races. In the 2023 Indiana primary elections, 16 HWF women came out on top in their 16 races for everything from mayor’s offices, city and town council, and clerk. HWF graduates are also impacting their communities with local efforts to address growing challenges like poverty, food insecurity, climate change, and healthcare access.

McSpadden is an experienced appellate advocate, litigator, and advisor. She has been the lead attorney on many appeals in the Indiana Court of Appeals and Supreme Court, and has also practiced in multiple federal Circuit Courts of Appeals. She has unique insight and advice to offer clients, having served as the Senior Judicial Clerk for the Hon. John G. Baker for the Indiana Court of Appeals for over a decade prior to joining Taft. Her clients and colleagues depend on her exceptional legal writing and advocacy skills, which are invaluable in every facet of the attorney-client relationship and across the spectrum of legal representation.

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