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Date: 08/23/2018

Firm Attorneys Author 2018 Chambers Regional Real Estate Guide for Michigan

The Real Estate practice group has authored the 2018 Chambers USA Regional Real Estate Guide for Michigan. Developed by four legal real estate experts, the guide provides easily accessible information on navigating the legal system when conducting real estate business in the state and helps explain local laws that are crucial for those doing business in the area.

In the guide produced by Chambers and Partners, which supplies definitive law guides of comparative analysis from top-ranked lawyers around the globe, partners Trey Brice, Milton I. Kovinsky, Mark P. Krysinski and Mark D. Rubenfire provide insight on Michigan real estate trends, laws, regulations and more through the following eight sections:

  • General – covering significant trends and the impact of new U.S. tax law changes:
  • Sale and Purchase – featuring insight on ownership structures; jurisdictional requirements, rules for foreign investors, environmental assessment and more;
  • Real Estate Finance – offering information on acquisitions and taxes of the commercial real estate, regulations for foreign lenders, security, and borrower liability;
  • Planning and Zoning – containing expert advice on legislative and governmental controls applicable to design and construction, working with authorities and enforcement of restrictions on development;
  • Investment Vehicles – sharing guidance on types of entities available to investors to hold real estate assets, plus applicable tax benefits, costs, and governance requirements;
  • Commercial Leases – detailing the types of commercial leases in Michigan, plus regulations, terms and in-depth detail on rent variations and issues;
  • Construction – defining common structures used to price projects, management of risk and more; and Tax – discussing various aspects of the corporate real estate tax, liability, benefits, foreign investor specifics, reform and more.

The firm’s full-service Real Estate practice group includes 24 attorneys who provide legal services in the areas of commercial, industrial, retail and residential real estate to private and institutional developers, builders, management companies, real estate brokers and individuals. Jaffe’s team counsels real estate clients on a wide range of matters, including land development and use, construction, acquisition, sale, financing, troubles loans, loan workouts, leasing and property rights issues that ranges from major office and manufacturing facilities, hotels, manufactured home communities and apartments to outlet malls, storage facilities, shopping centers and mixed-use projects.

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