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Date: 06/13/2024

DePodesta Interviewed on ABC7

Taft partner Nancy DePodesta was interviewed on ABC7 on June 12 and asked for her thoughts on people writing letters in support of former Chicago alderman Ed Burke.

Burke, who is not Taft’s client, has been convicted by a jury on 13 counts of bribery, attempted extortion, and racketeering. Federal prosecutors are asking for a 10-year jail sentence.

DePodesta, who is a former federal prosecutor, said letters in support of Burke could have an impact. “The question is not so much the quantity, but it’s the quality of the letters and how well do these individuals who are writing the letters really know former Alderman Burke and what can they say to his character,” she said.

To watch the interview, visit here.

DePodesta is a highly regarded white-collar defense attorney and trial lawyer.  She regularly defends clients in investigations conducted by the Department of Justice and other federal law enforcement and governmental agencies.


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