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Date: 07/28/2021

Deegan to Speak at Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference

Peter Deegan, a partner in Taft’s Corporate Compliance and White Collar Criminal Defense Practice, will speak at the Eighth Circuit Judicial Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Oct. 28, 2021. The conference, “Law in a Time of Crisis,” will take place from Oct. 27-29, 2021. Deegan will speak during a breakout session on pandemic-related litigation, with a focus on criminal law.

The conference is open to all judges and members of the bar. Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh of the U.S. Supreme Court will be the esteemed guest and keynote conference speaker. 

Deegan brings clients extensive national experience in white collar criminal litigation and corporate compliance, gained from years leading complex business investigations and from serving on the U.S. Attorney General’s Advisory Subcommittee for White Collar Fraud. He most recently served as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Iowa, with a career spanning 22 years as a federal prosecutor.

To learn more about the conference, click here.

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