Boulette Granted Fellowship into American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Taft Domestic Relations partner Michael Boulette has been inducted as a Fellow in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML).

AAML Fellows are highly skilled negotiators and litigators who represent individuals in all facets of family law. These areas include divorce, annulment, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements, child custody and visitation, business valuations, property valuations and division, alimony, child support and other family law issues. The 1,650 AAML Fellows — located across the United States — are generally recognized by judges and attorneys as preeminent family law practitioners with a high level of knowledge, skill, and integrity.

Boulette is a highly skilled family law attorney, committed to helping his clients navigate complex and private legal matters. His deep knowledge of family law and courtroom experience make him a trusted advisor for clients facing divorce, child custody, parentage matters, and family law appeals. He has received numerous awards for his work, including the Hennepin County Bar Association Excellence Award for pro bono service and the Minnesota State Bar Association Professional Excellence Award.

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