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Date: 04/18/2023

Beth Bryan to Speak on Panel at Miami University's Women in Law and Leadership Symposium

Taft Cincinnati partner Beth Bryan will be a panelist at Miami University’s Women in Law and Leadership Symposium, held at the Cincinnati Museum Center on April 21. The symposium celebrates and explores women’s progress in the legal field and highlights important topics including: advocating for lifestyle balance; successfully navigating conflict and bias in negotiation; women in the courtroom; bridging generational differences; and allyship best practices. 

Ms. Bryan is also an organizer of the symposium, which brings together a range of leaders in the legal field, including judges, advocates, and other Miami alumni working in law and government. To register for the symposium, visit here.

Taft is a symposium sponsor, as part of its commitment to gender advancement. Taft’s Gender Advancement Committee is dedicated to developing, promoting, and advancing women attorneys within Taft, the legal profession, and the community. Taft recognizes the historical gender gap in the field of law and is constantly working to increase the number of women in the legal field while also supporting and celebrating those women who are already working in the profession. 

As a partner in Taft’s litigation group, Ms. Bryan focuses her practice around business, commercial, legal malpractice, and election litigation. She represents clients in complex commercial, banking, employment, trademark, trade secrets, election, and shareholder derivative and fiduciary litigation. Ms. Bryan brings extensive trial and appellate experience in both state and federal courts.

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