Beware of Hasty Estate Planning Amid COVID-era Concerns

The COVID-19 pandemic has understandably focused many of us on our advance directives and estate planning. We recommend our clients and friends keep in mind that these documents have important consequences for you, your family and other intended beneficiaries.

The documents should be completed carefully, with attention to detail, by experienced legal professionals who can ensure that your wishes are implemented and that relevant issues, laws and assets are not overlooked. Be aware, also, that “prepackaged” online estate planning documents may not completely address all of your assets and needs, and may not include proper execution instructions in your state of residence. Learn more about online estate planning considerations here.

No one wants their heirs to have to endure a court proceeding to straighten out incomplete and overlooked items in their estate plan, but this can happen when documents are not expertly prepared. If you have questions about what type of estate planning documents are best for your situation, please contact a Taft Estate Planning attorney. 


Please visit our COVID-19 Toolkit for all of Taft’s updates on the coronavirus.

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