3:00 PM - 6:00 PM CDT
  • Type: Seminar
  • Presented by: Taft
  • Speakers: Douglas Anspach, Jeffrey Mullins, Conor Meeks, Shawna Sorrell, and Grant Gibeau
  • Location: Hilton Garden Inn Dayton South-Austin Landing, 12000 Innovation Drive, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

Staying Ahead of the NLRB: 2023 Taft Labor Relations Update

As clocks fall back, make sure your organization isn’t falling behind. Taft experts will present the latest legal developments in labor relations affecting both unionized and non-unionized employers. Join us as we take a deep dive into the recent National Labor Relations Board updates and how to effectively navigate changes for all private sector employers.

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Pending two hours of SHRM professional development and CLE credits for Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Minnesota, and Illinois.

Presented by: Douglas AnspachJeffrey MullinsConor MeeksGrant Gibeau, and Shawna Sorrell


The State of Labor Law in 2023: Change, Change, and More Change

-Douglas Anspach

It has been an eventful year for labor law practitioners and employers who are trying to stay on top of the constant changes coming from Washington. We will discuss how we got here and why all private sector employers need to be more careful than ever when it comes to dealing with employees and their concerns.

Salting – How to Protect Your Company and Your Employees

-Jeffrey Mullins

What is union salting? Why and how do unions utilize this strategy? What short-term and long-term liabilities can salting create for an employee? Learn how a company can take steps to protect itself from this activity while complying with the National Labor Relations Act.

Union Organizing: What Supervisors Need to Know

-Conor Meeks

What do your supervisors need to know about union organizing? It is more important than ever to make sure your supervisors understand what they can and cannot do as it relates to union interest, especially now that unfair labor practices can lead to union recognition without an election. Learn what your supervisors should know and how to approach this issue with your leadership team.

Playing by the New Rules: Unionized or Not, Here They Come

-Shawna Sorrell

In Stericycle, Inc. and Teamsters Local 628, the NLRB announced a new legal standard it will use to determine whether an employer’s rules and policies are lawful. Importantly, this decision applies to both unionized and non-unionized employers. So, what are the new rules for your rules? We will discuss this and why it’s important to implement changes now.

Labor Law Crystal Ball

-Grant Gibeau

The past two years have seen major shifts in several areas of labor law and employee relations, and these changes don’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. So what’s next, and what can employers do to proactively keep in compliance with a constantly evolving area of law? Learn what areas and subjects are likely to undergo a shift, based on the topics currently in the NLRB General Counsel’s crosshairs.

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