Preventing and Investigating Complaints

The commitment to preventing workplace discrimination and harassment must be shared by top management as well as Human Resources professionals.  Employees may bring concerns to their employer instead of outside agencies or lawyers if they know someone will listen and respond promptly and effectively.  To this end, Taft lawyers work with employers to develop and implement appropriate and effective policies and procedures, including handbooks, anti-harassment policies, anti-retaliation policies, substance abuse policies, performance evaluation tools, job descriptions, and FMLA and other forms.
Having excellent policies is not enough – employees have to know about them.  Taft attorneys help prepare training materials and other educational information and provide necessary training.  They also help in investigating and responding to employee reports and complaints.  How an employer responds is crucial – employees who feel slighted or ignored are more likely to go elsewhere with their complaint.  Poor investigations can even trigger their own “negligent investigation” claims.  Investigations must be tailored to the situation.