Affirmative Action Plans & OFCCP Audits

Federal contracting regulations cover an estimated 22% of the nation’s employees.  Over 60,000 employers are either federal contractors or federal subcontractors, some without even realizing so.  Nevertheless, all federal contractors and subcontractors are subject to coverage by Executive Order 11246 and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations.  The failure of a covered employer to comply with those requirements, whether intentional or inadvertent, is a serious matter.

The labor and employment lawyers of the Taft law firm help employers determine the extent to which they may be covered and, if so, what steps should be taken to become compliant.  Taft attorneys prepare affirmative action plans, and analyze applicant data for employees.  They also review in-house prepared documents.  They advise employers how to comply with and how to benefit from OFCCP’s new “Applicant” and Compensation regulations.  Finally, they routinely guide employers through OFCCP audits.  Taft attorneys use their extensive experience in dealing with both agency compliance officers and senior OFCCP officials to assist employers in terminating inappropriate audits and more quickly resolving troubled audits.