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Date: 05/15/2014

Taft Restaurant Clients Listed in “Best Restaurants of 2014” by Chicago Magazine

Chicago partner-in-charge Tony Licata is pleased to announce that two of the firm’s restaurant clients are listed in the May 2014 issue of Chicago magazine as being one of the "Best Restaurants of 2014." In a field distinguishing only 17 restaurants, Taft’s clients, 42 Grams and Cicchetti, ranked numbers four and six respectively. In addition to Licata, Kathryn Kovitz Arnold, co-chair of Taft's Real Estate group, was also involved in the restaurants’ transactions.

#4: Best Restaurants of 2014
42 Grams
4662 N. Broadway
“For those with ludicrously high dinner party standards, 42 Grams acquits itself well as Chicago’s latest upscale dinner party restaurant. An underground dining hero and veteran of Alinea and Schwa, Jake Bickelhaupt ensures that his tiny crew keeps things moving but never overwhelms,” Chicago magazine.

#6: Best Restaurants of 2014
671 N. St. Clair St.
“This sharp venetian-inspired osteria from Dan Rosenthal with Michael Sheerin (Trenchermen) as chef, Cicchetti fearlessly sets itself apart," Chicago magazine.

Taft’s Restaurant and Food Service group covers all aspects of the industry, from raising the capital needed to launch a hot new concept to negotiating a fair lease that protects both landlords and tenants to obtaining all the permits and licenses necessary to open. For more information, click here.

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