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Date: 01/13/2016

Mottley to Present at 25th Annual Ohio Tax Conference

Taft attorney J. Donald Mottley will participate in the 25th Annual Ohio Tax Conference, the nation’s largest business tax conference. It will take place Jan. 26-27 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus.

Mottley will be a panelist in the opening day session titled “Ohio Tax and Jobs 2016.” His presentation is titled “Income Tax Case Update: Cunningham, LaBorde and Wynne.”

He will address the three facets of this case:

  1. Cunningham:  Statutory background of the case in which the Ohio Supreme Court construed Ohio statute previously thought to create a “bright line” test for Ohio income tax residency.
  2. LaBorde:  Ongoing case involving a “class action” municipal income tax refund claim.
  3. Wynne:  U.S. Supreme Court decision that restricts a state’s ability to tax a resident’s income that is also taxed by another state.

Mottley will also participate in a Tuesday afternoon session titled “Ohio Income Taxation… Major Developments within the Ohio Supreme Court and Ohio Board of Tax Appeals Continue to Impact Municipal and State Tax Laws.” The hour-long session will discuss levying municipal income tax on professional athletes based on game days, as well as a uniform method to tax professional athletes.

Taft will also co-sponsor the conference’s luncheon for the 650+ attendees on opening day. The luncheon will feature a presentation by Ohio Tax Commissioner Joseph W. Testa, who will provide insights into Ohio Tax Department initiatives, tax reform and Ohio budget and business taxes.

For more information about the conference, visit MEC Seminars.

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