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Date: 01/22/2013

Bill Wagner and Paul Deignan Published in Law360

Taft partners Bill Wagner and Paul Deignan authored the article “How Banruptcy Can End Environmental Cleanup Obligations.” The article was published by Law360 in its Bankruptcy, Environmental and Real Estate web site sections and newsletters.

Mr. Wagner is a seasoned trial lawyer focused on environmental law, complex litigation, and white collar criminal defense. He represents clients in matters involving environmental contamination, class action personal injury and toxic tort claims, remediation cost recovery claims, and federal and state enforcement actions.

Mr. Deignan focuses his practice on business workouts and bankruptcy matters, as well as commercial law transactions. He frequently represents corporate debtors in work-outs and Chapter 11 reorganizations and/or sales, and he also represents secured creditors and other creditors in bankruptcy related claims and litigation. 

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