Type: News
Date: 10/25/2010

Barbara Duncombe in Dayton Business Journal

Barbara Duncombe was quoted in two articles appearing in the October 20 edition of the Dayton Business Journal.

In Defense firms fret over new federal regulations, she notes that "many mid- and small-sized companies aren’t paying attention to the onslaught of new regulations," and that Taft has scheduled a series of seminars, entitled "Navigating Compliance in the Obama Administration," in response (see the Events section of Taftlaw.com for more information).

In Law firms see defense work rise, but not a game changer, Duncombe describes Taft’s strategy for managing growth in defense contract work, and also advises contractors of the need for transparency in investigating and reporting compliance issues: "[I]t’s the Martha Stewart situation all over again… [i]t’s not the problem, it’s the cover up or the perceived cover up."


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