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Date: 02/24/2010

Why Law Firms are Like Swiss Army Knives (And if You're Using your Law Firm only for Legal Services, Then You're Using Only One of the Tools)

If you’ve ever used a Swiss Army Knife, then you know how many different purposes to which it can be put. Similarly, a law firm offers its clients many tools, beyond simply providing legal services. If you, like most clients, are using your law firm only for legal services, then it’s like owning a Swiss Army Knife and using only one of the tools.

Law firms, particularly Taft, offer many valuable tools to their clients, in addition to providing excellent legal services, which have a direct impact on their businesses. Clients can maximize potential value for their business when they capitalize on these additional tools. A brief summary of these “other tools” that Taft offers its clients are as follows:

  • Access to Capital – Taft, through its relationships with private equity, venture capital, debt and other sources of capital, as well as its governmental finance expertise, can provide potential access to capital or other funds for clients looking for the same in the current difficult economic climate. Whether a client is seeking equity or debt financing for real estate development or other capital needs, the connections that Taft has – both through its representation of other clients and its extensive network of contacts within the industry – can assist clients by making valuable introductions and connections. Moreover, Taft’s extensive knowledge of government finance programs can also provide potential financing for client needs. Therefore, if you have capital or other funding needs, consider calling your Taft attorney to see whether we can be of assistance.
  • Industry Information and Contacts – A large firm such as Taft has many attorneys who represent clients and businesses related to a particular client’s business and industry. As a result, those attorneys have a broader market view that arises from their expertise acquired in the course of representing these clients and businesses. Clients can tap into this expertise by talking to the attorneys at Taft. As an example, a commercial landlord who is negotiating a lease with a national chain tenant may desire to know the typical negotiating posture of that tenant; Taft attorneys, through their extensive leasing experience on behalf of other landlords, can advise of what typical acceptable terms are for that tenant in a commercial lease. Although clients necessarily know their industry well, their attorneys may have a broader market view or access to information that can benefit them in their business.
  • Connections to Government – Taft has a large network of contacts with government on all levels, including membership on development councils, planning commissions, chambers of commerce, state boards and commissions and other similar entities. Moreover, Taft attorneys have close associations with members of governing bodies, such as port authorities, county commissioners, mayors, and city councils. A client seeking interaction with a government entity may want to consider contacting Taft attorneys to determine whether there is a pre-existing relationship which could benefit that client.
  • Business Consulting Services – Taft, through affiliated businesses, offers various consulting services that can assist the client in proposed developments, obtaining capital, obtaining government financing, and/or general business consulting. For example, Taft Business Consulting LLC provides assistance in strategic planning, corporate financing, sales and marketing, and other services across a variety of industries. Ginovus provides economic development services, including incentive procurement, site selection analysis, and strategic planning. Focused Capital Solutions LLC helps clients in matters of government relations regarding policy issues at all levels of government. Finally, Taft HR Solutions LLC offers assistance to businesses with a wide range of human resource issues, including workplace safety, diversity, and discrimination policies.
  • Community Connections – Taft attorneys are affiliated with hundreds of educational, religious, social, non-profit and community organizations. Again, these affiliations create a network of information and access for Taft clients who may desire interaction with any of these groups.

Taft provides a collective package of value to its clients, only one of which is providing excellent legal services. All of these related tools can be used by a client to benefit and grow its business.

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