Type: Law Bulletins
Date: 04/11/2011

Update on the FAPIIS Database

As previously reported, the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) database has been developed to store all pertinent information about contractors’ and grant recipients’ integrity and performance.  The information will be pulled from a number of different federal databases and records on contractor performance.  The FAPIIS database was designed to provide contracting officers with a one-stop repository of all data relevant to a contractor’s responsibility.  
Contracting officers are required to update the FAPIIS database with contractor non-responsibility determinations, terminations for default or cause, final defective pricing determinations, and administrative agreements with suspension and debarment officials.  Contractors are also required to input data about themselves into the FAPIIS database from any forum (federal, state or local government) and in any form that reflects on their responsibility as a contractor whenever they are bidding on a contract in excess of $500,000 and already have $10 million in current contracts and grants.
After April 15, 2011, the public will have access to information in the FAPIIS database, including contract terminations for default; contractor suspension, debarment, and other penalties; contract-related criminal, civil, and administrative proceedings and their outcomes; and contractor non-responsibility determinations.  Although contractor past performance reviews (CPARs) will not be among the information made available to the public, everything else will be public.  Any confidential or proprietary contractor information already in the FAPIIS database should be identified by the contractor, and the contractor should request that it be deleted or redacted from publicly available information.  Contractors need to take steps to identify and protect confidential and proprietary (FOIA-exempt) information contained in other parts of the FAPIIS database. 

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