Type: Law Bulletins
Date: 12/22/2016

Ohio Employers May Not Ban Employees' Guns in Company Parking Facilities

Ohio concealed-carry permit holders may keep firearms in vehicles parked on employer premises, employer policies notwithstanding. Under Ohio Senate Bill 199, signed by Governor Kasich on Dec. 19, employees cannot be fired for keeping concealed-carry firearms in their vehicles on employer property. Employers may still exclude all firearms, including those possessed pursuant to concealed-carry permits, from employer buildings. Another portion of the bill does permit concealed-carry firearms in new locations — including daycare centers and college campuses — IF the concealed-carry permit holder has been authorized to do so by that business entity.

The measure goes into effect on March 19, 2017, 90 days after Governor Kasich’s signature.

  • An employer that currently prohibits firearms anywhere on its property may not enforce that restriction against a concealed-carry permit holder storing firearms in his/her vehicle on the employer parking premises. Any policies prohibiting firearms in employer buildings may stand.
  • An employer that does not currently have a policy regarding firearms and does not want firearms in its buildings should consider forming a policy, as the new law may engender some confusion. Concealed-carry firearms may be kept in an employee's vehicle on company property, but the employer can bar them from buildings and other work sites.

Please contact any member of Taft's Labor & Employment group for additional information on how this bill affects your company policies.

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