Type: Law Bulletins
Date: 07/23/2015

Indiana Department of Local Government Finance Website Now Tracks County Real Estate Assessment Notices

The Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (“DLGF”) has set up a webpage to track the mailing of notices of real estate assessment changes by Indiana counties (Form 11). The department’s webpage can be found here. The DLGF continually updates the tracking webpage as responses are received from counties.

Upon receiving a notice of assessment change, Indiana property tax appeals may be filed at the county level. The statutory time to appeal is short: just 45 days from the assessor’s notification of the assessment change. Generally, if an Indiana property owner has received a notice of assessment change from a county and has not appealed within 45 days of its issue date, the assessment change is final and cannot be appealed.  

  • Note that the DLGF’s tracking is for notices of Indiana real estate assessment changes.  
  • Personal property notices of assessment changes may be mailed by Indiana county assessors at any time throughout the year.  
  • Various assessment change notice forms may be issued by Indiana county assessors, but the most common are the Form 11, Forms 113 or 113/PP (personal property) and Form 122 (omitted or undervalued property), or the property tax bills if no other notice has been issued.  

For questions about Indiana property tax assessment and appeal processes, county audits or county notices of assessment change, please contact Nathan Hagerman or any member of Taft’s Tax group.

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