Type: Law Bulletins
Date: 06/11/2010

EPA Seeking Comments on SSOs Policy

EPA recently announced that it was initiating rulemaking to better protect the environment and the public from the harmful effects of sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and basement backups. In many cities, SSOs and basement backups occur because of inadequate and antiquated infrastructure. EPA announced on May 27, 2010, that it is considering two possibilities: (1) establishing standard National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit conditions for publically owned treatment works (POTWs) permits that specifically address sanitary sewer collection systems and SSOs; and (2) clarifying the regulatory framework for applying NPDES permit conditions to municipal satellite collection systems. Municipal satellite collection systems are sanitary sewers owned and/or operated by a municipality that conveys wastewater to a POTW operated by a different municipality. The rulemaking would also address peak wet weather flows at municipal wastewater treatment plants to allow for a holistic, integrated approach to reducing SSOs while addressing peak flows at POTWs. You can find more information about this here. Comments should be submitted at www.regulations.gov, docket id EPA-HQ-OW-2010-0464.

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