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Date: 12/15/2023

Chicago Modifies Zoning Approval Process to Streamline Development Review

In December 2023, the Chicago City Council adopted Ordinance 2023-0005759, an amendment to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance relating to Type 1 zoning amendments. The amendment authorizes applicants for Type 1 zoning changes to incorporate requests for variations and administrative adjustments into Type 1 zoning change applications.

Prior to this amendment, projects requiring variations or administrative adjustments were required to seek such approvals subsequent to obtaining approval of a zoning change, frequently causing extended delays as projects received multiple rounds of review and duplicate public hearing processes.

Under the new modified code, applications for zoning change, variations, and administrative adjustments may be bundled together and processed concurrently – potentially allowing applicants for zoning approvals to avoid appearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals. The change to the code streamlines development review by eliminating redundant application processes.

This zoning text amendment is a subtle but significant code modification that has the potential to dramatically expedite development review and approval processes, thereby facilitating and accelerating economic development.

If you have questions about the impact of the new ordinance, please contact a member of Taft’s Real Estate practice group.

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