1 hour
  • Type: Webinar
  • Presented by: Illinois Manufacturers' Association
  • Speakers: Daniel Saeedi, Andrew Murphy
  • Location:

The Shifting Legal Tide Against Using Noncompetes in the Workplace

Taft attorneys Daniel Saeedi and Andrew Murphy will examine the use of noncompetition agreements and other restrictive covenants in the employee workplace during a webinar hosted by the Illinois Manufacturers’ Association.

The speakers will also discuss:

  • New trends in the law, such as positions of the Federal Trade Commission and the National Labor Relations Board, as well as recent case law. 
  • What these trends mean for employers using these types of clause, and what employers can reasonably expect in the coming year.
  • Practical alternatives to noncompetes that should be considered by employers. 

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Saeedi focuses his practice on issues relating to employment law, privacy, and information security. He represents clients nationwide in the realm of trade secret theft, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements, and breaches of fiduciary duties. Saeedi also provides counseling to businesses on how to employ best practices and policies to better position themselves to litigate unfair competition claims.

Murphy is a member of Taft’s Employment and Labor Relations, Litigation, and Appellate groups. He represents clients in a wide variety of complex legal disputes in all stages of litigation in state and federal courts. Murphy’s practice is informed by his significant experience clerking for federal judges at both the district court and court of appeals levels.


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