Friday, Dec. 1, 2023
3.25 Hour Seminar/Webinar
  • Type: CLE Seminar/Webinar
  • Presented by: Taft Cincinnati
  • Location: Schiff Conference Center (Cintas Center) at Xavier University, 1624 Musketeer Drive,, Cincinnati, OH 45207

Annual Employment Law Update Presented by Taft Cincinnati

We look forward to seeing you for our 2023 Seminar!

3.25 hours of SHRM professional development credit and CLE credit for Ohio and Kentucky will be offered. No cost to attend this seminar and lunch.

  • 8:30-9:00 a.m. | Registration and Breakfast
  • 9:00-12:30 p.m. | Seminar
  • 12:30-1:30 p.m. | Lunch

Seminar Agenda:

Greater Cincinnati Regional Update for Employers

The Cincinnati Regional Chamber is driving high-impact, growth-minded initiatives that keep the 15-county Cincinnati MSA competitive and thriving. Learn about the Chamber’s latest efforts on behalf of employers, including its support of the local business economy, talent ecosystem, and regional connectivity through collaboration.

Speaker: Brendon Cull, President and CEO, Cincinnati Regional Chamber

The State of Labor Law in 2023: Change, Change, and More Change

It has been an eventful year for labor law practitioners and employers with many changes coming from Washington DC. This presentation will focus on decisions issued by the NLRB in 2023, which have resulted in significant shifts in several areas of labor law as well as new and increased risks for employers.

Speaker: Conor Meeks

Labor Law and Non-Union Employers

A common misunderstanding is that labor law and the NLRB’s rulings and guidance only apply to unionized employers. That misunderstanding may mean that you are overlooking serious legal risks and/or using potentially outdated agreements or policies. This presentation will focus on the guidance and rulings from the NLRB this past year that have serious implications for all employers, including non-union employers.

Speaker: Evan Cohn

2023 Immigration Updates and Outlook for 2024

From post-COVID processing to potential government shutdowns, there have been numerous developments impacting immigration sponsorship and employment throughout 2023. This presentation delves into these topics and provides an overview of new guidance, changes to I-9 regulations and procedures, visa processing backlogs, and more from 2023 as well as looking ahead to 2024.

Speakers: Staci Jenkins, Mike Lasonczyk, Emily Cashell

An Uncertain Future for Noncompetes

Noncompetition agreements, which for decades have been enforceable in Ohio and most other states, now face unprecedented legal attacks from two federal agencies and several other states. This presentation will discuss these developments and ways that employers should prepare for the possible elimination of an important tool to protect your business.

Speaker: Justin Flamm

Well Prayed: Accommodating Religion in the Workplace

The U.S. Supreme Court recently upended the undue hardship standard governing an employer’s obligation to provide religious accommodations under Title VII. Find out what the Supreme Court had to say and more, including recent trends in workplace religious accommodations.

Speaker: Ivy Sander

FMLA and ADA Review

This presentation will explore cases and other guidance on the FMLA and the ADA over the last year, including the interplay between the statutes.

Speaker: Brian Dershaw

Basics of an Internal Investigation

Employers are experiencing an uptick in internal workplace complaints. This presentation will cover best practices to keep in mind and pitfalls to avoid while conducting an internal investigation.

Speaker: Dorie Akers

Year in Review

From the EEOC to the US Supreme Court, there have been a number of important developments impacting the employment law landscape in 2023. This presentation explores these topics and provides an overview of new guidance, legislation, and case law involving discrimination, reasonable accommodations, whistleblower protection, wage and hour, arbitration agreements, and more.

Speaker: Sarah Leyshock

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