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Plat and Subdivision Law

Mark Stockman will be a moderator at this event where attendees can learn how to navigate through complete x plat and subdivision procedures – and prevent costly mistakes.

The process of the subdivision of land into sellable lots involves much more than drawing a few lines on a plat and installing some water lines. This informative seminar will explain the responsibilities and authority of local agencies under Ohio law. Discover how the subdivision process interacts with other land use and permitting processes. Take the guesswork out of complying with statutory requirements. Gain practical tips from relevant case law dealing with platting and subdivision. Learn about the complexities of wind turbine siting, Ohio’s proposed process for approving commercial sized and small wind energy projects, and their land use impacts. This seminar will provide critical updates and practical pointers on avoiding the legal pitfalls inherent in the plat and subdivision process.

Benefits for Attendees
• Adhere to complicated local body requirements
• Get the facts on wind turbine siting and Ohio land use law
• Go beyond the basics and properly handle reversionary clauses
• Learn about eminent domain and the power of the master plan in 2008
• Comply with various legal requirements for subdivision plats and site plans


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