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Miles Printing Presents Professional Women's Training

Miles Presents Professional Women’s Training
Anne Hamilton has been invited to speak to the professional women of Miles Printing on Plastics and the HardingPoorman Group May 28th from 10-11:30 a.m. 
As the commercial says, “Life comes at you fast,” and there is always the chance for the unexpected – both good and not so good.  If you would experience a tragic unforeseen event in your life – accident, death, divorce – would you be prepared to handle the details that come up to keep your life somewhat stable?  What should you be doing now to protect yourself and your family?  What is the importance of having a will and what happens if you don’t have one?  Have you established your own credit?  Can you access cash if you need it?  Do you know where all your important paperwork is?  Unfortunately, most of us don’t think about these things until they happen.

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