9:30 AM - 10:30 AM EDT
  • Type: Symposium
  • Presented by: 14th Annual Northern Kentucky University Cybersecurity Symposium
  • Speakers: Zachary Heck
  • Location:

How Do I Actually Do This? Navigating Personal Privacy Laws in California, Virginia, Colorado, Ohio and Beyond!

Taft Dayton attorney Zachary Heck will present on commonalities and notable differences in emerging personal information privacy laws such as those recently enacted in California, Virginia, and Colorado, as well as those currently being deliberated in Ohio, Florida, and elsewhere. Attendees will learn:

  • How to build or expand enterprise data governance programs in order to address each law and prepare for the next wave of personal information privacy regulations.
  • Demonstrate concrete examples of mapping, classification, and policy development that will minimize the risk of non-compliance and identify the security risks companies may face in the wake of increased data subject rights.
  • How to offer data subject rights without increasing the risks of falling victim to data subject impersonations.

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Heck’s practice focuses on privacy and data security. Specifically, Heck assists clients in the areas of privacy compliance, data governance and guidance in the aftermath of an information security event, including data breach. Heck has experience advising clients with respect to FTC investigations, federal privacy regulations such as HIPAA, FCRA, TCPA and GLBA, as well as state laws governing personally identifiable information. For his clients, he also provides regulatory analysis, risk management, policy development, training and audits. Heck speaks and writes regularly on cutting-edge data privacy and cybersecurity issues and is a Certified Information Privacy Professional in the fields of United States and European Union laws and regulations.

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