8:00 AM - 9:00 AM EST
  • Type: Seminar and Webinar
  • Presented by: Taft and Indiana PTAC
  • Speakers: Barbara Duncombe and Erin Davis
  • Location: Taft Center - Indianapolis, 1 Indiana Square Suite 3500, Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Government Contracts: Technical Data Rights

In conjunction with the Indiana PTAC, please join us for the last of our three-part seminar series to gain valuable knowledge from Taft attorneys Barbara Duncombe and Erin Davis.  This presentation will discuss technical data rights under federal contracts including:

  • Different types of technical data rights including:
    • Unlimited Rights
    • Limited Rights
    • Government Purpose License Rights
    • Restrictive Rights
    • SBIR Technical Data Rights
  • When does a contractor get less or more protection?
    • What is a reservation of rights form?
    • Why keeping track of your rights matters.
    • Be sure to mark your proprietary data.
  • Recent changes in technical data rights.

Please register by Nov. 4.

This seminar will be presented both in-person and virtually. To attend in person at Taft, please register here. To attend virtually via Zoom, please register here.

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