12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT
  • Type: Webinar
  • Presented by: Indy Chamber and Taft
  • Location:

Details of Development Webinar with Urban3

Taft has partnered with the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce to offer the webinar “Details of Development Webinar with Urban 3” on May 31. The presenter will be the founder of Urban3, Joe Minicozzi, who is an urban planner imagining new ways to think about and visualize land use, urban design and economics. Taft attorney Russell Menyhart helped coordinate the event.

The webinar is free to attend. To register or learn more about the event, click here

Event Description

An emerging area of research in land economics is centered on revenue generation related to land use, and a deeper economic analysis of how we leverage the value of land resources through planning. Urban3, located in Asheville, NC, conducts research and analysis of readily available local government data (specifically parcel-level data including ownership, tax values, exemptions and building information) and utilizes that data to create a visual, three-dimensional representation of land value, tax value and value per acre trends in a graphic representation that is very easy to understand for both laypeople and wonks alike. This information can inform many different decisions, including land-use, zoning, taxation, capital planning and future infrastructure needs.

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