One Hour
  • Type: CLE (credit approved in MN, IL, OH, and IN)
  • Presented by: Taft
  • Speakers: Jarrett Green
  • Location: Zoom

Brain Optimization: Science-Based Tools for Enhancing Your Resiliency, Focus, and Professional Performance

All Taft clients and friends are welcome to attend this upcoming professional development CLE webinar with Jarrett Green, Esq., M.A. to present on the topic, “Brain Optimization: Science-Based Tools for Enhancing Your Resiliency, Focus, and Professional Performance.”  The webinar will take place on June 29 at 11:30 am CST/12:30 pm EST.

In order to maximize our stress, resiliency, emotional well-being, and cognitive functioning, we must understand how the brain generates unwanted emotions (stress, anger, fear, sadness, etc.), and how to re-frame the thoughts and cognitions that create these undesired emotions.

In this webinar, you will learn a collection of science-based techniques, called “Five Great Mindsets”, for cognitively reframing the challenges you face in career and life so you can experience enhanced resiliency, productivity, and overall success as you navigate those challenges. While we cannot control many of the circumstances that arise in our lives, especially in BigLaw and other legal organizations, we can control how we mentally and emotionally respond to them. During this program, you will learn a set of evidence-based tools to optimize your response, and, hence, your internal and external success. A happier, more resilient, and better-performing version of yourself will result. 

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About the Presenter

Jarrett Green is dedicated to helping lawyers and other professionals in high-stress environments step into the best versions of themselves so that they can feel less stress, enjoy greater energy and focus, communicate with more effectiveness, and perform their high-level business tasks with even more proficiency, efficiency, and productivity.

Jarrett was a commercial litigator for 12 years, first at the international law firm Skadden Arps and then at his own boutique litigation firm. He eventually left the practice of law so he could live his passion of helping lawyers, executives, and other high-stress individuals experience less stress, greater happiness and emotional well-being, improved cognition and productivity, and enhanced overall success. He has a Masters in Psychology with emphases on neuroscience, positive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral psychology. He has Certifications in Executive Coaching, Mindfulness, and Stress Management, and is a co-founder of USC Gould School of Law’s innovative “Mindfulness, Stress Management and Peak Performance Program”, recommended by the National Task-Force on Lawyer Well-Being.

Please reach out to organizer, Kendra Brodin at kbrodin@taftlaw.com, with questions. 

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