Interviewing Tips

Interviews are an opportunity for the firm to get to know you, and just as important, for you to get to know the firm. So to make your interviews more productive for yourself and for us, here are a few thoughts you’ll want to keep in mind.


•    Be yourself; we want to get to know you.
•    Be punctual; call ahead if you’re delayed for any reason.
•    Dress in business conservative style, unless you’ve been advised otherwise.
•    Show energy and interest.
•    Be ready to answer questions that demand thoughtful answers.
•    Be ready to ask questions that demand thoughtful answers.

Know the firm

Before you come in for your interview(s), do some research about the firm. Consider where the associates and partners went to law school. Look at web sites of competitive firms locally and in cities of similar size at some distance. If possible, learn about the firm’s clients—it gives you an indication of the kind of work the firm does.

In addition to learning before your interview, you’ll want to come away with answers to these questions from your interview

•    How is the summer program structured?
•    How are projects assigned?
•    What’s a typical week for an associate?
•    How are  performance evaluations conducted?
•    How does the firm’s mentoring program work?
•    What kind of opportunities for professional development are available at the firm?

Know yourself

In addition to researching the basics of the firm, make certain you’re ready with answers to some basic questions about yourself. Of course, answers to questions like the ones below allow us to get to know you better. However, we believe you’ll find as well that in developing answers for questions like these, you’ll gain a clearer focus on exactly what it is you’d like to accomplish as a lawyer.

•    Why did you decide to go to law school?
•    What did you like most—and least—about your law school?
•    What goals have you set for yourself as a lawyer?
•    What led you to our firm? What have you found attractive about this firm and others?
•    What areas of the law interest you most? Why?