a different kind of counsel.

As an additional service to our clients, Taft attorneys often partner with members of our affiliated businesses to provide comprehensive service to our clients. Through these businesses, clients can access business consulting across a variety of disciplines, from general planning and forecasting to government relations and public policy. Following is a brief description of each business.

Focused Capitol Solutions LLC offers governmental relations and public policy services to help clients address policy issues at the local, regional, state and national levels.

Ginovus LLC helps growing and emerging businesses achieve their financial and operational goals through a full range of economic development services.

Ingardus LLC partners with companies and regulators to resolve complex issues and create favorable opportunities in the insurance and financial services industries.

Taft Business Consulting LLC helps established firms make the most of opportunities and surmount challenges, with extensive experience in the management of change.

Taft HR Solutions LLC provides affordable, practical and customized training and consulting services covering a variety of HR issues.

Utilitus LLC focuses on the complexities of the utility industry and the niche areas of public policy development, legislative representation and regulatory advocacy.

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