Type: News
Date: 11/08/2021

Glass Featured in IBJ Article Following Book Launch

Taft partner Fred Glass was interviewed for the article “Q&A: Memoir details Fred Glass’ life, rebuild of IU athletics,” published by the Indiana Business Journal following the launch of his book, “Making Your Own Luck.” Glass answered questions about what inspired him to write this book, his goals, and how he is incorporating his legal work into this process.

In his interview, Glass says, “I feel like I have something to say to people who want to get big things done, like lawyers, [real estate agents], business executives, entrepreneurs, politicians—I’m finding an audience of people there. Even if I didn’t sell one book, I’d be thrilled that it’s been published.”

Glass is a partner at Taft and focuses his practice on business law as well as issues involving sports/media/entertainment, higher education, employment, and government matters. Prior to joining Taft, he served as an Indiana University vice president and the director of intercollegiate athletics for nearly 12 years.

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