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Date: 05/25/2021

Fennell to Present at ABA’s Wellness Wednesday Series

Taft pro bono director Monica Fennell will be a panelist at the American Bar Association’s Judicial Division series titled “Wellness Wednesdays.” Fennell will participate in the session titled “Feeling Good by Doing Good: Access to Justice and Wellness” on June 9. The program will discuss how attorneys can enhance wellness through self-care and providing resources to those in need. Fennell will be joined by co-panelists Indiana Supreme Court Justice Steven David and Danielle Hirsch and Zachary Zarnow from the National Center for State Courts.

Fennell leads the pro bono program across Taft’s offices, which includes identifying and developing opportunities for the program, establishing an integrated pro bono system across the firm, and ensuring that all Taft pro bono legal services are consistent with Taft’s values and commitment to improving the communities it serves.

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