Summer Program

The summer associate program at Taft is the lifeblood of our firm. After all, almost all of the firm’s first-year associates have joined us as a result of participation in the program. We look for students who have outstanding academic credentials as well as maturity, a friendly demeanor, demonstrated leadership, strong communication skills and common sense.

It is our goal to provide every summer associate with a realistic experience of what it is like to practice law at Taft. Summer associates work on a variety of actual client matters. You’ll attend depositions, hearings, closings, conferences and trials as well as perform the careful research expected of all our lawyers. You’ll learn about as many of our practice groups as possible through client work and sessions highlighting our areas of practice. Summer associates are evaluated throughout the summer on an informal basis, and will also have formal mid-summer and end-of-summer updates.

You will be assigned at least one summer associate mentor, who is available to offer assistance as you become integrated into the firm. To help ensure you have the best experience possible, we have a strong team in place. We are here to help you be successful!

We believe that one of the firm’s biggest assets is our people, and we want you to meet as many of them as possible. You are probably wondering how you can meet so many people in a few short months, but we will provide you with many opportunities to do so. We arrange several social activities intended to help you become knowledgeable about our firm, our people and our communities.

We staff our summer program based on our need for incoming lawyers the following year. Typically, on a firm-wide basis, we hire 15-25 summer associates per year.

The summer associate program is engaging, fast-paced and rewarding. And, of course, it can lead to a career of tremendous opportunity with one of the most respected firms in the Midwest. It is our desire that you fully experience the firm during your time with us and that you reach the same conclusion that we have – Taft is a great place to work!

The firm accepts resumes from second-year law students during the fall recruiting season and from first-year law students beginning Dec. 1.

If you attend a law school at which we do not interview on campus and wish to apply with us, please do so by contacting the appropriate person:

Lisa Watson

Indianapolis & Chicago

Lisa Watson
Chief Recruiting Officer

Lisa Watson


Nick Cobb
Director of Operations and Recruiting - Cincinnati

Lisa Watson

Cleveland, Columbus & Dayton

Jori Geiger
Director of Operations and Recruiting - Indianapolis

Angie Roell


Angie Roell
Legal Recruiting Manager